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The sisters behind Sister Buffalo

Gaby and Lou De Mattia are sisters who made the move to Darwin from the Blue Mountains, just out of Sydney, almost 3 years ago. 

Being from a big family of 10, we were, with bitter resentment, introduced to homemade and second-hand clothing very early in life. We've since embraced the thrifted lifestyle and have developed quite the flare for eyeing off fabulous finds! 

Starting Sister Buffalo has brought back the absolute thrill of our older cousins' visiting with black bin liners in hand, stuffed with last season's hot items. And the intoxicatingly delicious smell of our Aunty's fabric softener. 

We're both fiercely committed to reducing our impact on the environment and are excited to create a space in Darwin that challenges the community to lust after second-hand clothing like they normally would of fast fashion.

We're always swapping, editing and mending clothing & we can't wait to bring some of our creations into the store! Look out for the home-sewn range.  



Gift your loved ones someone else’s pre-loved ones!


Sell or trade us your pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories for a % of the re-sell price as cash or store credit.


Sewing, mending, weaving and other creative workshops coming soon.



4.1 Pavonia Place Nightcliff, Darwin

Full time buffalo bosses from  20 Jan 2021, with the store doors kicked open every Wednesday - Sunday. 

On Mondays & Tuesdays the bosses rest. 



4.1 Pavonia Place Nightcliff

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